Mark Wyland’s 4-Point Plan

Real Accountability!

1. Term limits for board members!  We must institute term limits. No board member should remain in office for 20 years.

2. Finances:

  1. Open up the books!  The public deserves an accounting of district expenditures—$600 million—over ½ billion dollars!  Real fiscal responsibility means easy to understand accounting of expenditures.
  2. Accountability for spending—not only ‘where did the money go’, but ‘did we get our moneys’ worth’ for $600 million in taxpayer funds—this is money that could go to every school, so the county needs to account for it to the satisfaction of the public.
  3. Make sure funding goes to the classroom, not to a bloated education bureaucracy.

Mark Wyland ran a successful business for over 20 years—he knows the importance of making sure every dollar is spent wisely.    In the Senate, Mark Wyland was a budget hawk, a leader in the fight to end waste.  As one of many examples, Wyland authored legislation, sponsored by the Howard Jarvis Taxpayer’s Association, to increase  taxpayer oversight of bond spending.  As a Senator Mark Wyland was the first to sound the alarm over the OUTRAGEOUS spending for a Los Angeles high school, the Robert F. Kennedy school, cost an UNBELIEVABLE $560 million!  And more than $150 million of that was paid by other California taxpayers—not Los Angeles residents.  Mark Wyland will make sure we have COMPLETE transparency in spending.

3. Curriculum: Our Students Must Be Prepared to get good jobs in a global economy; Mark Wyland will fight to make sure our students have:

  1. Technology and Computer Skills education (aka STEM): essential for today’s economy;
  2. English skills:  we must ensure that all students learn to read, write, and communicate effectively to prepare them for college and the workforce;
  3. Vocational education (aka Career Technical Education):  practical career and vocational education to prepare students for real world jobs;
  4. Government and Civic Education:  Every student must have a good knowledge of our history, government, and economic system in order to be informed citizens.

4. School Safety:  In an era of unpredictable violence, we need to make sure each school has updated safety plans.