Mark Wyland On the Issues

Education Agenda

Our future depends on our students’ preparation for good jobs—whether from high school or after college. After more than 20 years growing a successful business, and service on a college board, Senator Wyland knows what is necessary for student success in a technologically advanced and competitive economy:

  • Technology & Computer Skills Education: Mark supports technology and computer skills education opportunities for success in today’s advanced economy;
  • English skills: We must ensure that all students learn to read, write, and communicate effectively, to prepare them for college and the workforce;
  • Career Technical and Vocational Education: Mark supports practical career and vocational education opportunities for students to prepare them for careers in the real world;
  • Government & Civic Education: To be informed and effective citizens, Mark believes every student should have a meaningful knowledge of our history, government, and economic system.

Mark Wyland will work with business and non-profits to develop partnerships to help make these programs available to all students. All students should have access to innovative programs, like robotics, that will shape our future world and ensure prosperity for all of us.

Senator Wyland is committed to make sure that ‘best practices’, the teaching that really works—-is available to all schools.

Common Core

Common Core is a controversial curriculum in math and English that has been adopted in many states, including California. It was originally presented as an improvement that would enable students to better compete in the marketplace. However, especially in mathematics, it has proved to be very difficult to implement for teachers and students—and for parents who want to help them. Unfortunately, unless the state adopts different standards, this type of mathematics will be used in schools.

Common Core should have been reviewed by parents and teachers during an extensive pilot program to determine if it made sense; however, despite proposals to do so (including legislation from Senator Wyland), this approach was not followed.

Unless and until common core is changed, Wyland is committed to making the best methods for teachers and students, with parental involvement, available to all schools as they adapt to this curriculum.

Fiscal/Spending Accountability

  1. Mark Wyland promises Complete Transparency on how your taxpayer dollars for education are spent—and whether they are spent wisely—since education receives the ‘lion’s share’, more than half, of local and state taxation, taxpayers deserve to know if they are getting their ‘moneys’ worth’.
  2. In big city school districts like San Diego, at least 20%–one in five— students fail to graduate from high school. And taxpayers everywhere still pay for this failure. Dropouts, and many who do graduate, are unprepared for the work force, placing a greater burden on taxpayers. And new changes in education funding mean that much more is spent in big city districts like San Diego, than in surrounding suburban districts—yet there is no accountability for this increased spending. Why should smaller city and suburban districts get less if the big city district can’t demonstrate that we are getting something for the increased spending?
  3. The County Office of Education has a budget of almost $500 million, and oversees the budgets of 42 districts in the county, with 500,000 students—-these budgets must balance—and we cannot have the taxpayers and schools in other parts of the county bear the burden of the largest district, San Diego, which has been found to be in financial trouble—and it’s the taxpayers everywhere who will have to shoulder any burden of spending irresponsibility.
  4. As a Senator, Mark Wyland authored bills to ensure bond spending has proper citizen oversight, to ensure that spending is properly done with efficient use of taxpayer dollars.
  5. Mark Wyland learned that in a successful business every single dollar counts—and must be spent properly. As a County Board member, Mark Wyland will make sure all taxpayers know that their education dollars are spent efficiently for the best education available. Senator Wyland will be the spending watchdog that taxpayers deserve!