• Grew up in North County; attended public schools, worked summers in building materials supply business.
  • Graduated from Pomona College, Fulbright Scholar, Columbia University, M.A., International Fellow.
  • Worked for City of New York on education budget
  • Returned to North County, began business career, co-owner 20+ years
  • Board of YMCA, Chamber of Commerce
  • School Board Member, President
  • Elected State Assembly, 2000-2006
  • Elected State Senate, 2006-2014

Full Biography:

DSC_5121Mark Wyland was co-owner of a successful lumber and building materials supply business for over 20 years, during which time he created hundreds of jobs. He served during that time on his local Chamber of Commerce board and YMCA board, and served on a local school board that served 17,000 students.

Wyland served in the California Assembly from 2000 to 2006, when he was elected to the Senate, where he represented approximately one million people in north San Diego and southern Orange counties.

Senator Wyland was an acknowledged leader in the California Legislature on education, government and fiscal reform, and job creation. He authored significant legislation in these and other policy areas. He served as Vice Chairman (ranking member) for many years on the Senate Education Committee, was Chairman of the Veterans Committee (where he authored the statewide ballot measure supporting housing loans for veterans), and was a member and Vice Chair of several other committees.


ECHS197Pomona College, B.A.

Fulbright Scholar, University of Bonn, Germany,

International Fellow, Columbia University

Columbia University, M.A.

Significant Legislation:

1. Education: Senator Wyland authored legislation and led in several areas of education reform, including: science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM), vocational education (job training, or career technical education—CTE), civic education (learning about history, government, etc.), improved reading skills and comprehension, and accountability. Wyland also authored significant legislation to ensure citizen oversight for school bond expenditures.

2. Fiscal Reform: In addition to authoring legislation to improve citizen oversight of school bond spending, Senator Wyland authored major legislation proposing complete review and analysis of all state spending through use of an independent auditor to assess all programs for fiscal soundness and performance.

3. Government Reform: Wyland initiated proposals in legislation to transform government operations to allow legislative focus on significant state problems, i.e. job creation. A version of these proposals was adopted by California Forward, an organization dedicated to improving governance in the legislature.

4. Economic Development and Investment: As a former business owner, Senator Wyland had direct experience with the tax and regulatory issues that have contributed to California’s poor business climate. In addition to fighting to create the conditions necessary for greater economic development and job creation, he authored legislation which for the first time created a special committee dedicated to in depth examination of the obstacles to business investment in California. Collectively, these reform and legislative proposals constituted a series of policies that, if adopted, would transform California from a state which has been losing investment and jobs at an ever increasing rate, a state with 12% of the nation’s population but very high poverty rates, a state which has been losing ground educationally for decades, to starting the road back to the “Golden State”.